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Mounts of the Palm

The Mounts
Palmistry is based on Astrology. There is a continuous relationship between Palmistry and Astrology. A palm of human indicates planets which are in Astrology such as Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. These planets are shown as Mounts on the palm.In palmistry, the mounts on the palm play a major role when reading a palm. The palm is divided to seven major mounts. the mounts are,
  1. Mount of Mercury
  2. Mount of Apollo
  3. Mount of Saturn 
  4. Mount of Jupiter 
  5. Mount of Venus
  6. Mount of Moon 
  7. Mount of Mars -  Upper Mars, plane of Mars, Lower Mars      

These mounts are related to the planets and influenced by the plants. The qualities represented by these mounts can be described briefly as follows,
Mercury : Mentality, Trades, Science,Intelligence etc.
Apollo (Sun) : brightness, Success, popularity etc. 
Saturn: Melancholy, Placidity, Patience, Modesty etc. 
Jupiter : Ambitions, leadership, religion, Honour, Power etc. 
Venus : Love, Passion, Romance, Sensuality etc. 
Moon : Creativity, Romance, Imagination,Intuition etc. 
Mars : Temperaments, Courage, Fights, Enemies, Enthusiasm  etc. 
Also there are strong relationships between these mounts and the lines on the palm. 

Deshabandu Senarath Liyana Arachchi
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About Us

About Us
An ‘almanac’ is a book giving a list the days of a year, together with times of various events such as sun rise & sun set, changes in the moon, rise & fall of the sea and and other information such as planetary movements. ‘Epa Almanac’ is the most prominent & recognized almanac being published since 1855 in Sri Lanka. An astrologer, named Don Philip De Silva Epa Appuhamy, is the founder of the Epa Almanac.
My mother was a grand- daughter of Apa Appuhamy and my father was a village headman in a  rural village called ‘Pitigala’ in Galle district,  in view of village leadership of my generations held all over the history of this ancient village. Therefore, the guardianship, for more than 400 years, in the temple dedicated to goddess ‘Paththini’ in Pitigala village was bestowed on our father’s generation. I carry forward these inherited traditions dedicated to gods & goddess, temples and astrology.  I was nurturing in an astrological & religious environment since my birth where the well-informed astrologists were being very well associated.
In 1972, some palmistry books which were written in English were translated by my friends as a hobby. For instance Guide to the hand, you and your star, Palmistry for all and so on. Subsequently, Sinhala translations of those books were written by me. It was my first step toward learning palmistry. I used to work in different areas of the country as I was a railway station-master for 40 years. I was blessed to associate with well-informed astrologers in various areas of the country.  Especially I was blessed to grasp broad knowledge from a great astrologer, Mr Ranasinghe who lived at Nalanda village in Matale. Furthermore, very powerful mantras and charms have been kept securely which are belonged to my father’s generation. In addition, honorable astrologer Mr. Ranasinghe taught me powerful charms which helped me to prove the reliability and wonderfulness of the exorcism to the general public. I have precious treatments to augment the fertility which is very helpful to the people who spent years with the hope of having children. I am very satisfied with the successful results which gained for last decade by using these treatments. There are some mantras and specific herbal congee which gifted by my father which are belonged and effective only for “Liyana Arachchi” generation have the power to heal various sicknesses.
1.      Convulsion 2. Epilepsy 3. Various pains in the body 4. Incurable or chronic scabies, eczemas, hives. 5. Severe menstruation pains
To get the best results for this remedies people should live according to their own faiths.
The palm readings help us to predict very important aspects of someone’s marriage life. Few examples have been mentioned below: 
1.      When will you get married?
2.      Is it a love marriage or an arranged marriage?
3.      Type of your partner
4.      Possibility of breaking love affair
5.      Will you be divorced?
6.      Will the partner become ill severely?
7.      Will your partner distinct from age, religion and status etc.
By using comparative analysis of palmistry and astrology, I am able to give accurate predictions for your life. These analyses can be used to get a better decision on selecting the most suitable area of education for your child. Moreover, you will be provided answers for problems:
1. Can you go for overseas tours?
2. Will you emigrate?
3. Will you meet with an accident?
4. Will you become rich?
5. Will you have a chance for sudden fortunes?
I have an ability to predict answers for aforesaid types of your problems by using my palmistry expertise and the experience which I have been gaining for more than 40 years.
To get your predictions clearly, the date of birth, the time of birth and place of birth and clear pictures of your palms should be provided. The horoscope can be made for any birth place in the world by considering longitudes and latitudes accordingly. Auspicious times for every situation can be made as appropriate to anywhere in the world according the time zone of particular country.
 I guide you to not only to get rid of your bad periods but also to guide you to overcome the bad situations. Only if there is a need to use charms as remedies for bad period, I enchant the ‘Pirith’ and charms when you stay beside over the charming period for highest effectiveness for the person concerned.
Finally, I would like to tell you that if you need astrological or palmistry consultation from me, you need to make an appointment by calling mentioned telephone numbers during 7.00am to 10pm. I am available for consultation over online as well. My office staff assist you make an appointment and should you need any clarifications.
- Deshabandhu Senarath Liyana Arachchi

Contact us

Contact us
Feel free to contact us to make appointments with Deshabandhu Senarath Liyana Arachchi for the astrology and palmistry services.
Online prediction service is available through  Email voice records or through Skype. Please contact below numbers for more information

Available address-
                                 296 / D     
                                 Kandy Rd  
                                 Sri Lanka    

Office: +94 117 244 000
Mobile: +94 773 113 580, +94 773 026 302

Television Programs

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Our Services

Our astrological services

·         Preparing your horoscope
·         Reading your palm and horoscope
·         Horoscopes compatibility for marriages ( Porondam)
·         Setting auspicious times to achieve the success in your life
·         Providing alternative solutions for your bad periods
·         Preparing overseas horoscopes and providing online consultations
·         Suggesting names for newborns and businesses
·         Treatments for infertility
·         Healing illnesses such as Convulsion and Epilepsy etc.

And contact us for any kind of astrology and palmistry consultancy

                                            Hot line: +94 773 026 302

Sithbendirekha is one of the famous astrological and palm reading services in Sri Lanka. The main objective of this service is to provide solutions for your astrological needs by using my knowledge and the experience which I gained more than 40 years.
 The ‘Epa Almanac’ is the astrological book of repute which being published since 1855 in Sri Lanka. Don Philip De Silva Epa Appuhamy, the Founder of the Epa almanac was the grandfather to my mother. Further, the generation of my father’s family has been holding the guardianship for more than 400 years in the temple dedicated to goddess “Paththini” in “Pitigala” village which is a rural area in Galle district. I was nurturing in an astrological environment since my birth where the well-informed astrologists were being associated well.  I kept my first step toward learning palmistry in 1972.
- Deshabandhu Senarath Liyana Arachchi



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